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Due to the Alarming Number of Scammers operating on BBM, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and many other Social Platform parading their selves as Techguys and Admins of techarena, We as a Brand that has a name to protect, We have decided to list out the Techarena Admins and How you can Contact them.

NOTE:- Anyone not listed here does not work with Techarena or have anything to do with Techarena. Ignore any Parading themselves on Facebook, Twitter, BBM, WhatsApp.. Contact Toocoded and its Staffs with contact details listed here.

You Can Connect With Techguys On All This Social Platforms Below:-

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Profile picture of Cossy Erik

A young Entrepreneur, motivational speaker, 21st century computer/IT guru , a potential computer/IT expert and most of all a social media, music and entertainment Enthusiast, all this Pacesetter of the NEWMEDIA in Nigeria, so passionate about meeting the needs of many as little as possible which gave birth to the Brand Techarena.

Proffering solutions and satisfying the online needs of Nigerians home and abroad and the rest of the world, ensuring they get and Informed, Educated and Entertained.

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Profile picture of sax

A computer/I.T junkie honest 21st century blogger/motivational speaker who admire to be famous.
A critic with a great sense of judgement, and also a good writer with a strong passion for getting people informed as well as communicate a central message that may be of great interest to the general public as soon as the News breaks…



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