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How to Create an Android app in 5 Minutes without Coding Skills! [cool trick]

Create an Android app in 5 Minutes without Coding Skills! [cool trick]
Wanna create an Android app for your website, blog, business or someone by you don’t have any idea how to do so. I'll show you some cool websites that'll do that for you for free or almost free price!
Read the full article to get a list of the 5 best websites for creating Android apps online

Learn how to quickly create any android application without coding

Do you know that you can easily create any type of Android application,
like, browser, website app, blog app, video downloader app; image feed
app or any other common app in just few minutes. You don’t even need
to have a single knowledge of coding to proceed.
To begin with, there are top websites that can accomplish this task for
you in few minutes, and those sites are what I’ll be revealing to you.
So, let quickly take a look at the 5 best sites to create android apps.

1. AppsGeyser

AppsGeyser is a very popular site to create android apps. Most internet
marketers do make use of this website to create android apps for their
branded product. You don’t need to have a single knowledge of coding
you can use the website. Simply visit the website, create an
android app for free, distribute for free and even get paid for the ads
placed on your app.

2. Appyet

This is another site that can help generate an android app for your
brand. With Appyet, you can get a professional android app in 5 minutes
without a single programming knowledge. All you need to do is to
provide them with the rss/atom of your website, and the app is ready.

3. BuzzTouch

This is another great website that can create you a mobile app in few
minutes. With this website, you can easily get your android app ready.
The website also has room for creating iOS apps.

4. Appyie
Appyie is yet another sure website to create android apps. In this
website, there is room for monetization for your app, push notification,
analytics and others. Simply visit their website and et started.

5. Appclay
You can easily create both android and blackberry 10 applications with
Appclay. Other features of the site include creation of shopping apps,
website apps, blog app and others.
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