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Jumia Black Friday Explained

Jumia Black Friday Explained

Are you new to Jumia black Friday? I explain what it's all about below...

FAQs about Jumia Black Friday

Q1. What is black Friday?
According to wikipedia, it derives Black Friday following thanks
giving day in USA. Usually regarded to be the beginning of
Christmas shopping. Logically, Black Friday is a period selected
by sellers to appreciate its customers with unbelievable giveaways
at no cost or almost for nothing.

Q2. When is the Black Friday starting in Nigeria?
The fourth Fridays of every November so this year its going to
happen on the 27th November 2015. The selected date was
inspired by the Thanksgiving day in the USA (the fourth Thursdays
of November)
On Jumia; it starts on 27th Nov 2015
On Konga; it starts on 26th – 27th Nov 2015

Q3. How do Nigerian online mall celebrate this day?
Specifically Konga and Jumia as a point of reference gives its
customers goods at a very cheap and wow prices. Don’t be
surprised to get an iPhone 6 half the price. That would be great

Q4. How do they intend to satisfy all with such promo?
Konga Yakata plus Jumia Black Friday is going to come as the
Faster Finger First (FFF) thing just like what Jumia did during the
Jumia Mobile Week . First come first serve, that’s why you will
need to read the tips on how to benefit from the black friday
giveaways below.

Q5. What do I stand to get from this offer?
This offer is the biggest promo, bonanza or whatever you call it in
Nigeria. You’d benefit a lot of discounts on different products
ranging from kitchen utensils, phones, laptops, office gadgets,
computers and so on. If you no like awoof, me I like am o!

Q6. Konga calls it Black friday Yakata sale 2015, is it the same
as black Friday all over the world?
Yes, whether Jumia calls it the traditional Black Friday or Konga
chose to call it Black Friday Yakata, all na the same o! Be it
Yakata or Shakiti Bobo! Black Friday is black Friday!!!
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