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6 Types of Freshers Common in Nigerian Universities

Types of Freshers Common in Nigerian Universities
Ok,this is meant to be a comic relief and also to pass a message across to freshers,not forgetting candidates awaiting admission into the university. Ok the university envirominent is laden with different calibres of students,the FRESHERS,undegraduates,postgraduates and the pdites.my focal point being the freshers,let me reel out the six kinds of freshers we can find in the university enviroment.

1.THE NOVICE; This set of freshers are damn hilarious when you have an encounter with them,they keep missing their way around the school enviroment,always forgetting their path to their department/lecture hall..lol they are still bedevilled with the secondary school mentality..imagine a fresher referring to his coursemates as 'classmates" or terming their courses as "subject"...bro/sis u no people for house wey go uni? Make them prep u na.

2.THE FASHIONISTA; This set of people have probably been saving up the clothes before gaining admission so they can flaunt it to thier coursemates and those that care to check them out..they come to class with different attires on daily basis,some don't mind going hungry..they just want to put on that new clothes..anyways na ur GP for yr one go tell just continue!

3.MR/MiSS SALUTATION;This category of freshers can greet the hell out of someone,they are al ways meek and gentle,they greet both their neigbours,coursemates and everybody they come across,not minding if they are older than u...

4.THE BOOKWORM;This set of people like their pseudonym depict,are always claiming from lecture hall to library to the hostel and back to night class,they are always forming serious student,prolly because they have been admonished by their parents to come out with good grades....lol give them sometime school life go blend them shege...

5.THE PARTY FREAKS; This set of freshers couldn't wait to break free from the aegis of their parent's enslavement...and immediately they got their admission they breathed a sign of relief..them be jjc for school buh them no dey use ear hearm wey music dey blast...from the matric night to their freshers to all other subsequent nights..just two months in school they know all clubs,bars and lounges...bro/sis na for your GP e go show.

6.THE INTROVERT; This set of freshers are boredom personified,no social life...home to school,back to the lodge..always locking themselves inside..no iota of cheerfulness in them..bro/aunty na wetin na?na school you enter no be prison.

NB- i have actually modified it to six,and the guy that commented 1st u be spambot? I was still typing before you rush comment..nawao!
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