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How to Repair Damaged memory card with China phone [xclusive trick]

Repair Damaged memory card with China phone [xclusive trick]
Repairing damaged SD card with China phone 

is your SD card damaged? pls don't panick because , I'll show you just how to repair it with a China phone a.

you're gonna be needing a china phone(chinko )preferably, the one that doesn't support Java games, coz its our ultimate tool here and it tends to show the hidden files and folders on your MC.

now, no matter how damaged your Sd card is, it's gonna work on any china phone.
so, simply insert the damaged card   in the China phone and follow these steps:

How to repair spoilt memory card with China phone

1. rename the  memory card
2. mark and delete all files and folders you see except 'dcim' 'Android' and any other you know is essential to you.

: doing this might warrant the loss of your apps, but afterall your obb files and pictures are safe.
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