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Other Awesome Online stores in Nigeria that you need to check out this Xmas

Awesome Online stores in Nigeria that you need to check out this Xmas
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I know that at the mention of Nigerian online stores, the first two that comes to mind are Jumia and Konga, but I want to tell you that they are not the only ones that offer items at cheap rates.

Aside Jumia, Konga, Dealday, Slot and Payporte, here are other unknown but superb Nigerian online stores where you can get value for your money especially on consumer electronics products like smartphones et al

1. DSCL at dsclng.com

This site is a Nigerian online store that deals mainly on smartphones and smartwatches, there prices for smartphones are cheap and they deliver your items to your doorstep when you shop from them.

2. DAX at daxtech.com.ng

DAX is another great Nigerian online store that offers value for money items. At DAX you can shop for items like laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. and the good thing is that you can also pay for your items on delivery.
DAX offer free shipping to residents in Abuja and Lagos metropolis

3. Genuss at genussng.com

In Genuss, you get whole lots of consumer electronics products like your mobile phones, computers and computer accessories, printers’ et al.
Though it is a much smaller online store but you can as well get good bargains for money in there.

4. Regal Buyer at regalbuyer.com

Regal Buy also whole lots of consumer electronics ranging from camera to smartphones, tablets and computers.

They also offer pay on delivery when you order for items there and the prices of their items are very competitive.

5. Zabadne at zabadne.com.ng

Zabane is a full blown Nigerian online retail store that is much comparable to Jumia and Konga.

And like Konga and Jumia, they have huge varieties of items that spans from consumer electronics, to fashion wear, kitchen ware and whole lots of others.

They offer pay on delivery and also free delivery to major cities across the country.
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